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Completely satisfied, if we could have found a way to make 3 days a week work to keep her we would have.
YWCA HR Manager, Carla Pollard - June 2012
The professionalism, communication and general dealings with Avant have been of the highest standard.  Am very impressed.
Mr Prawn, Sue Finlay - Aug 2012
The Avant Consultants are remarkably friendly, attentive and supportive! From the first meeting and onwards. Lovely. They make you feel appreciated. Thank you for arranging this job placement so quickly. Hopefully you have more in store for me. Thanks.
Nicolien De Koning - Mar 2011
The service that I have received is professional, efficient and friendly. I really enjoy my assignment.
Stella Shen - Aug 2011
My experiences of Avant Personnel have been that they are extremely efficient in all dealings throughout the process of applying for a position. All communications were timely and personable and staff were supportive during the process to a standard that is above and beyond what one would expect of a recruitment agency.
Nicola Hoey - Sep 2012
I registered with four temping agencies in Darwin and Avant was definitely the friendliest and most welcoming agency and the one that I was most convinced would be trying to find me work. I felt the Avant Consultant really made an attempt to get to know me and what sort of work would suit me. Some other agencies I visited didn't have any conversation with me at all; all I did was fill out forms. Avant is also the only agency who did find me work! Thank you Avant!!
Katey Justice – July 2011
If I move back to Darwin I would definitely get in touch with Avant to assist again. They are very easy to deal with and matched me with a team I really enjoyed working with. Many thanks.
Tamarind Wright - June 2012
I would like to say a huge thank you to you & everyone else at Avant for your support & professionalism over the last couple of months. The genuine warmth and friendliness of everyone I have dealt with at Avant is unrivalled. All communication has been timely and professional, and the regular follow up by phone and onsite visits demonstrates the supportiveness of the team. I have never felt like 'just another number' and the service provided by Avant goes above and beyond that of other agencies. I will be recommending Avant to both employers and job seekers.
Susan Clee
Niall rated Avant services as a 10! Thank you Avant.
Mr Barra, Niall Atkinson - Aug 2012
I would like to say that Avant Consultants are indeed lovely, efficent and extremely professional.
Clare Flanagan - June 2012

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What is your HR Risk?

Monday, April 28, 2014

What is your HR Risk?

Avant's consultants are accredited to deliver proven strategies to minimise risk and improve performance in your workplace.

Avant can tailor their programs to your needs and specifications. Examples of programs include:


Open Lines of Communication

Thursday, March 27, 2014

©Alison Hucks, Principal Avant Pty Ltd

Open Lines of Communication

In an ideal world, open communication equates to parties encouraging a free exchange of ideas, beliefs and information.  Parties being able to approach each other directly with questions or concerns or being able to constructively challenge something they don’t agree with. Sounds reasonable?  Of course it does!  Yet in a large majority of workplaces this theory is not given the priority it deserves.

Open communication is a complex concept. It’s about having a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect; of actively seeking feedback; encouraging the opinion of others; and supporting people to contribute their knowledge, ideas, perspectives and experience.

When there isn’t open communication:


Work and Life in the Northern Territory

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Making the move out of your comfort zone and into a different state or territory presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Geographical location is not the only thing that makes the Northern Territory different to its eastern-seaboard counterparts. Your career could grow to new heights or you could see yourself doing something you never considered doing. Whatever the case may be, if you prepare yourself right then you will come out on top in the Top End.

As Darwin's longest serving Recruiter, HR Consultant and Principal at Avant, Alison Hucks shares a snippet of her extensive industry knowledge. Watch and share her video for insight into work and life in the Northern Territory:


For further information, contact the Avant team!


Greatest HR/Recruitment Challenges Facing Northern Territory Employers

Monday, December 9, 2013

Avant recently announced the release of its first White Paper at a client function.

Avant White Paper explores the challenges that are currently facing NT employers in HR and Recruitment and offers recommendations and suggestions. 

Click here to read it on the News and Research section of our website.


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